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Training with Injuries

As strange as it may seem, I entering what I'm pretty sure will be my first instance of having to train for an extended period with an injury .  Sure, I've rolled ankles, missed a few classes for minor surgery, and taken things easy due to tendonitis.  But, although I'm not really seriously hurt at the moment, I think this is going to be a little more complicated.

I'm not precisely sure what I did or how I did it, but I've pulled my lower left pectoralis pretty significantly.  I've also, either because of or in addition to, trashed my left shoulder.  It feels a lot like when I had a bout of biceps tendonitis -- restricted range of motion, dull pain at rest and sharp pain on movement, all around the front part of the joint.  It responds pretty well to rest, but doesn't take a whole lot to flare back up again.  So, although I can do some Tai Chi, I can't do any upper-body strength work; I can't punch, block, or hold targets; I can't even fully use the arm doing kata.  And I have no idea how long this is going to last.

If I were at my first school, I wouldn't worry about it too hard.  But I'm still new enough at the new school that I hate to have to restrict myself -- especially since I'm due to test in about a month and can't practice the biggest part of what I need to practice (the jiu jitsu).  I hope that I'll still be able to test -- my first instructor would simply adapt to my situation, but I don't yet know whether or not that's how this one operates. I also lack the inner confidence and patience to simply accept the situation and make the best of it.  That's what I'll be trying to do, of course, but it will be a struggle. 

What, me?  Struggling for patience and acceptance of what life offers?  Shocking!  NOT!!!!!  I guess this is the big lesson I'm supposed to be working on.  I hope I manage to get at least part of it right!
Tags: injury, limits, pride, self-control, shoulder

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